Substation 164

Supporting Sydney's rich architectural heritage


Trigger designed a suite of interpretation to communicate the rich heritage of two adjoined adaptively reused buildings – ‘Substation 164’ and Shelley’s Warehouse. The renewal of the buildings, for commercial office and retail use, was designed by fjmtstudio architects and development and build by Built.

Trigger’s design approach was sensitive to the building’s heritage and links to contemporary architectural interventions designed by fjmt architects on both material and form.

Rolled steel blades ‘float’ against heritage walls. A bespoke flange was designed to conceal fixings and enhance the ‘weightless’ effect.

Trigger worked closely with GBA Heritage, fjmt Architects and Built to generate, develop written, photographic and illustrative content.

Striking the right note with materiality was fundamental to achieving a connection between contemporary and heritage materials present in the building.

In situ heritage is subtly interpreted using the interpretive suite.

Heritage and contemporary sit comfortably in the adaptively reused space.

Enhancing the texture and feel of the original buildings interiors was key to interpretation design.

Bespoke heritage markers for the Clarence St and Kent St facades of the building introduce the curved edge design feature that distinguishes the interpretation design and echo the forms of the architecture.