Parramatta Girls Home Memorial

Collaborating with survivors of trauma for a significant, site specific memorial project

NSW Department of Communities and Justice

Trigger partnered with former residents and victims of Parramatta Girls Home to co-design a memorial to the victims of child sexual assault. The creation of the memorial came about from a key finding in the The Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (2017). The intention of the memorial is a place of shelter, reflection, empowerment and to allow victims to reclaim their identities by seeking recognition for their suffering.

Sandstone walls represent the spaces of confinement where abuse took place within the Parramatta Girls Home, now worn down and opened to the garden. The walls are etched with “scratchings” – representing graffiti that home residents used to communicate, building solidarity and resisting abuse – and a Paper Doll figure, a motif used to protest and close the Parramatta Girls Home in the 1970s. They form a circular site of recognition, peace and reflection.