Museum of Sydney Forecourt Interpretation

Revitalising interpretation to tell a more holistic story

Sydney Living Museums

Trigger’s vision for the Museum of Sydney’s forecourt interpretive suite sought to revitalise and bring coherence to the interpretive signage. The pieces revitalised the point of entry with Aboriginal and colonial stories, maintaining key views of the building. Trigger delivered a cohesive 2D and 3D interpretive language that has a dialogue with the Sydney Living Museums brand and a connection to the site. Our aim was to deliver on the key curatorial goal to improve the way people perceived the site and its meaning.

The interpretive and wayfinding outdoor signage is eye-catching, enticing and sympathetic to the site, integrating well with the existing design language. Overall, the design process was clear, and Trigger managed the project professionally.

Bob Whight, Acting Head, Curatorial & Exhibitions, Sydney Living Museums

The Forecourt is looking superb!

Robert Campbell, Director of Curatorial and Museums

The curators sought to introduce a First Nations perspective to counterpoint colonial perspectives. Trigger’s design aimed to strengthen the existing interpretation, including bringing new focus to the First Government House archeological display, while creating a label for the important public artwork “Edge of Trees” and new signage about Indigenous experiences.