Minnamurra Rainforest Centre Interpretation Strategy

Strategic revitalisation of a cherished wilderness area through holistic, layered curation and contemporary design

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Trigger’s Minnamurra Rainforest Interpretation and Revitalisation Strategy, illuminates key directions and concepts for interpretation and revitalisation of Minnamurra Rainforest Centre.


Trigger distilled the essence of this place to help define a unique visitor offer - a place of not only learning and activity, but also of well-being, spiritual nourishment.

As part Trigger’s holistic approach an innovative suite of responsive interpretive design pieces was created – from an organically inspired design for gateway signage, outdoor learning classroom and nature play area; to track signage that reflects the myriad of moods and themes in the rainforest, and to an interactive exhibition as the heart of the new visitor centre.

We determined the vision statement: 'An ancient living landscape that nourishes, enchants and endures' through extensive stakeholder consultation, historical research, development of interpretive themes and storylines and analysis of key audiences.

A suite of innovative interpretive concepts, programs and infrastructure emerged, supporting revitalised messaging, multi-platform interpretation and programs.