Do you need to connect people with culture and place? Please get in touch to discuss how we can apply our unique approach to achieve your objectives.

Meet our Founder and Director

Trigger was founded by Gregory Anderson, a multi-disciplinary experience designer, with extensive expertise in delivering original and compelling projects. Gregory’s passion is the creation of experiences that enhance perspectives and facilitate deeper intellectual and emotional exploration for all involved: originators, stakeholders, and participants. Through his work, Gregory aims to open and facilitate dialogue and connections that will resonate beyond the initial experience. He believes that surprising and non-traditional approaches and outcomes are vital in achieving these objectives. Gregory’s practice is unconventional and boundary pushing, grounded in research and consultation, and has the ultimate aim of connecting people with culture, the environment, each other and themselves.

Meet the Team

Trigger is a group of talented people who are extraordinary in their approach, capabilities and passion in creating inspiring experiences. Trigger’s core team is as follows:

Gregory Anderson, Founder and Director.

Saskia Steinhart, Manager, is the glue that holds Trigger together, delivering strategy and coordination for all projects. She is capable, unflappable, creative and organised, and also has a degree in Interior Design. She is on your side to get the results you need.

Saafiyah Hussain, Designer, has a degree in Architecture and works across 3D, 2D, digital and experiential components of our projects. Saafiyah’s holistic approach and intuitive sensibility delivers outcomes with the right balance, nuance and tone.

Trigger also has many part time and casual employees who are the best in their fields. We assemble the right team for your project.

Would you like to work with us? Are you are a curator, digital designer, heritage consultant or architect, or skilled in one or more of the many disciplines and mediums of our practice? If you can see yourself thriving as part of our creative-lead, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary team, please get in touch.