Ian Potter National Conservatory Interpretation

Illuminating the extraordinary through the creation of sensual, unconventional and intriguing tropical landscape interpretive experiences

CHROFI Architects & Australian National Botanic Gardens

Trigger created a multi-faceted interpretation and building identity suite for the Ian Potter National Conservatory, a ground-breaking conservatory building designed by CHROFI Architects, at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG). Trigger’s curatorial and design work has been conducted in close consultation with the ANBG and architects to strengthen and coalesce a master interpretive vision. Trigger’s suite of interpretation pieces embraces a theatrical approach – dramatic, evocative, surprising and stirring emotion. The building interior is treated as a flexible canvas across visual, aural, tactile, olfactory and taste senses. Interpretation employs storytelling methods that are experiential, utilise new technologies, and contextualise plants as they have not been seen before. The building is currently under construction.

The interpretive vision, strategy, curation and design elements distill scientific, conservation and diversity messages, providing insight for visitors that will challenge perceptions and hopefully leave an indelible imprint.