Headland Park Wayfinding

Designing a suite of major signage pieces that compliment the heritage and natural values of the park

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Headland Park, Mosman, located in Sydney Harbour, stretches from Balmoral Beach to Chowder Bay and is on the traditional land of the Borogegal clan. The collection of sites in the park had many historical uses, including as Governor Macquarie’s experimental farm for Aboriginal people and as a former Defence base. The park is rich in natural and cultural heritage and is one Sydney’s great vantage points from which to view the harbour.

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust engaged Trigger to design a suite of major signage pieces that would compliment the heritage and natural values of the park and enhance navigation and orientation. The design vision was to create a cohesive signage suite with a variety of elements to address site-specific needs. These include a 6-metre-long master gateway sign, precinct gateway signs, and smaller directional signs. 

The design reflects the curved contours of the coastline and circular military embattlements, while responding to the extensive use of corten steel on-site, allowing new signage to sit comfortably with existing signage. The material is used in a playful way, reflecting the site’s contemporary leisure uses as well as its history.

The typographic and logo-mark layer employs a flexible design to allow for updating. A series of signage ‘buttons’ and panels was developed to allow brand adjustments in future without expensive signage modifications. The design suite principles in place are guidelines for future signage on site.

Trigger’s self-imposed brief was to create a unique and perfectly nuanced park signage design that would underline the core values of the park and facilitate international recognition for this important and beautiful site.