Creating clusters of interpretive structures in the landscape to interpret a former Hospital site


The challenge for interpretation was to convey the themes and messages of the sites’ heritage in a physical form that would relate to the new development and its future as a residential area.

A series of cast bronze inground plaques mark out a looped heritage trail.The signs are laser-cut steel, galvanised pylons wrapped with vitreous enamel interpretation panels. These materials were chosen to facilitate long term survival in the elements.

The 3-metre tall sculptural signs pinpoint sites of interest in the vast development, and brass markers embedded in roads and footpaths direct visitors and residents along a heritage trail that connects heritage sites and brings to light intangible heritage stories.

Unconventional vibrant coloured graphics signpost sites of heritage interest.

Intricate perforated steel members create a counterpoint to the adaptively reused heritage structures on the site.

Interpretive signage is embedded in informal parklands. A series of bronze markers in the footpaths serve to link all elements of the heritage loop walk together.