Aqueous Landscapes

Creating a multi-faceted exhibition experience about Sydney Harbour for China

University of New South Wales

‘Aqueous Landscapes’ was a poetic and innovative exhibition investigating historical, Indigenous and contemporary landscape interventions in Sydney Harbour. The collection of drawings, photographs and film explored the nuances of this constructed edge, showing how the foreshore operates and where it has been reshaped, reclaimed, transformed and restored in different ways across time. Trigger’s design vision eschewed traditional architectural presentation methods, instead using mediums such as fabric, water and projection. ‘Aqueous Landscapes’ was exhibited at the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season Biennial (SUSAS) in 2019.

Bespoke crystalline cylindrical vessels displayed plans of harbour-edge precincts. These vessels contained subtly moving water, illuminated by concealed floor panels, which conveyed the movement of harbour tides. A video piece in the exhibition was comprised of vertical ‘slices’ of footage of Sydney Harbour, to evocatively showcase varying levels of architectural intervention and the natural characteristics of the landscape.

A continuous, colour-coded fabric drop displayed a meticulous and original documented elevation line drawing of the shoreline at contrasting scales.